How to Use Mendeley in MS Word [2023]

How to use Mendeley in ms word? Reference management and citation creation are two of the most time-consuming parts of academic writing, but Mendeley, a robust reference management tool, can make both much simpler. Using the Mendeley Word Add-In, referencing and bibliography creation in Microsoft Word papers are simplified.

In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to integrate Mendeley with Microsoft Word. Students and researchers alike may benefit from Mendeley and Microsoft Word’s seamless integration to streamline the writing process and guarantee accurate citations.

how to use mendeley in ms word

How to Use Mendeley in MS Word: Step by Step

Mendeley is a widely used reference management application that facilitates the creation of bibliographies and the organization of references for researchers, students, and academics.

By syncing your Mendeley library with Microsoft Word, you may save time and effort when referencing and citing sources in your papers. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate Mendeley with Microsoft Word for seamless in-text citation and bibliography creation.

1. Setup Mendeley with the Microsoft Word Add-in

To get started with Mendeley, get the desktop program from their website ( and install it on your computer. The installation may be finished by following the on-screen directions.

Open Microsoft Word, then go back to the Mendeley website and install the Mendeley Plugin for Word. To install a plugin, start the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Launch Mendeley and start adding citations

Get started with Mendeley Desktop. Create an account and log in if you’re a new user. The next step is to import your reference library by either uploading PDFs or manually inputting the bibliographic data. You may import reference libraries from other citation management applications or web databases into Mendeley.

3. Load the Mendeley plugin into Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word and choose the “References” option from the ribbon’s top menu. You can generally find the Mendeley plugin under the “Mendeley Cite-O-Matic” subfolder. When using Microsoft Word, activate the Mendeley plugin by clicking the “Insert Citation” or “Add-Ins” button.

how to use mendeley in ms word

4. Include references within your paper

You may now include citations into your Microsoft Word document by activating the Mendeley plugin. Position the cursor where you’d want to put the citation.

To insert a citation, use the Mendeley plugin’s “Insert Citation” or a button with a similar name. The reference you’re looking for in your Mendeley library will appear in a search window. Select the necessary citation and click “Insert” to include it into your paper.

5. Bibliography and Reference Formatting

After including citations, you can quickly format them to match your chosen style. Find the Mendeley plugin under the “References” menu, then choose “Insert Bibliography” or a similar option.

When you input citations into Microsoft Word, it will automatically create a bibliography in the chosen citation format. Select the “Style” menu item inside the Mendeley plugin to select a new citation style.

6. Maintaining and Updating References

The Mendeley plugin makes it simple to add, delete, and modify citations in your work. To use the Mendeley plugin’s citation management, choose “Manage Sources” or a similar icon. There, you’ll find options to create new citations, delete old ones, or modify existing ones.

7. Finalize your bibliography

You may create a final bibliography when you have finished your article and revised your citations as needed. To add a bibliography, use Mendeley’s “Insert Bibliography” button. The bibliography in your Word document will be automatically updated to reflect the citations you’ve used.

Final Words

The citation and reference process may be greatly simplified by using Mendeley in Microsoft Word, as shown in this detailed guide.

After installing Mendeley and the Microsoft Word plugin, adding references in Mendeley and activating the plugin in Word, you may then input citations, style your bibliography, manage your citations, and produce your final bibliography.

By syncing your Mendeley library with Microsoft Word, you may quickly and easily create correctly structured citations and references in all your written assignments.

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