How to Use 7zip on Windows 11 [2023]

How to use 7zip on windows 11? 7zip is the best program to use if you’re using Windows 11 and wish to compress and archive your files. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to install and use 7zip on Windows 11.

Your file management abilities will be greatly enhanced as you learn everything from downloading and installing 7zip to compressing and extracting data. Read this article’s detailed instructions before beginning to improve your file management and storage.

how to use 7zip on windows 11

How to Use 7zip on Windows 11: Step by Step Guide

Files may be compressed into smaller sizes and extracted from compressed archives with the help of 7zip, a popular compression and archiving program.

This detailed tutorial will show you how to install 7zip on Windows 11 so you can use its many useful features. All aspects of using 7zip on Windows 11 will be covered, from installation through compression and extraction.

1. Obtain 7-Zip and set it up

To get started, fire up your web browser of choice and go on over to To get the version that works with Windows 11, go to the downloads page.

To get the setup file, just click the download button. Find the file you downloaded and double-click it to begin the setup procedure. To install 7zip on a computer running Windows 11, just follow the on-screen prompts and decide which choices to use.

2. Activate 7-Zip

Once the setup process is finished, you may find the 7zip icon on your desktop or in the Start menu. To open 7-Zip, just double-click the shortcut.

how to use 7zip on windows 11

3. Compress the files

Go to the location of the file or folder you wish to compress using 7zip. Click the right mouse button on the file or folder, and then choose “7-Zip” from the drop-down menu. Select “Add to archive” or “Add to filename>.7z” from the drop-down menu. The 7-zip user interface will launch.

Archive format, compression level, and encryption are only few of the compression options that may be adjusted via the user interface. After making your selections, hitting “OK” will begin the compression process.

4. Take out the files

Locate the.7z file that contains the compressed package you want to extract the contents from. Select “7-Zip” from the file’s context menu after right-clicking. Select “Extract Here” to have the files extracted to the current working directory, or “Extract to folder name>” to choose a different folder. When you tell 7zip where to save the extracted files, it will do just that.

5. Extra 7-Zip Functions

7zip’s capabilities extend beyond simple compression and extraction to include file encryption and the ability to partition big archives into several files. Select “Add to archive” and then “Encrypt file names” to encrypt the compressed archive.

Protect the repository with a strong password. Using the “Add to archive” function and the “Split to volumes, bytes” parameter, you may divide enormous archives into manageable chunks of any size. When transferring or storing massive archives, this is a helpful method.


Following these detailed steps, you should now be able to use 7zip efficiently on your Windows 11 computer. You may now take use of 7zip for file compression and archiving, from downloading and installing the program to compressing, extracting, and using additional functions. If you’re using Windows 11, you may take advantage of 7zip’s efficiency and adaptability for better file management.

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