How to Update Telegram [2023]

How to update Telegram? It is essential to keep the Telegram software updated on your Windows 11 computer in order to take advantage of the newest features and upgrades given by Telegram.

By keeping Telegram up-to-date, you can be certain that you have access to all of the most recent bug fixes and features. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to install the latest version of Telegram on Windows 11.

If you follow our guide, updating to the latest version of Telegram and taking use of its newest features will be a breeze on your Windows 11 smartphone.

how to update telegram

How to Update Telegram: Step by Step Guide

Having the most recent version of Telegram means that you have access to all of the program’s features, enhancements, and security fixes. Keeping your copy of Telegram up-to-date is essential if you use it on a Windows 11 PC.

Here, we’ll show you how to upgrade Telegram on Windows 11, so you can get the latest features and the best possible experience using the app.

1. Open the Microsoft Online Store

The first step is to launch Windows 11 and look for the Microsoft Store app. A shopping bag symbol is used to denote the Microsoft Store.

2. Look for Telegram

When the Microsoft Store loads, go to the window’s upper right and use the search bar there. Simply enter “Telegram” and hit the Enter key to search for it. Telegram will show up in the results of your search.

3. Go on over to the Telegram App Page

To access the app’s Microsoft Store page, just choose it from the search results and click on it. You may learn more about Telegram and the latest update by visiting the app’s website.

4. Look for Upgrades

Find the “Update” or “Get updates” button on the Telegram app page. If an update is available, clicking the button will prompt the installation process. To start the update process, just click the update button.

5. Hang tight as the update downloads and sets up

The Microsoft Store will automatically download and install the most recent version of Telegram after you click the update button. The app’s page will update to show the current download status. Time taken to complete depends on the speed of your internet connection. The installation procedure will start as soon as the download is finished.

how to update telegram

6. Get the latest version of Telegram and open it

When the update is finished installing, a confirmation message will appear in the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store is now closed. You can open the refreshed Telegram app on Windows 11 by clicking the “Open” button in the Microsoft Store alert or by selecting the program’s icon from the start menu.

7. Double-Check the Newest Release

To access the menu in Telegram, run the app and then click the three parallel lines in the app’s upper left corner. Choose “Settings” from the menu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the options box and choose “Advanced.” Access this information, including the app’s version number, by selecting “About Telegram” from the app’s preferences. Always use the most recent version and make sure it shows.

Final Words

In conclusion, updating Telegram on your Windows 11 PC is as simple as following these methods. Start the Microsoft Store, type “Telegram” into the search bar, go to the app page, click “Check for updates,” download and install the update, then run the upgraded Telegram program.

Maintaining an up-to-date version of the Telegram app on your Windows 11 device guarantees that you have access to all of Telegram’s most recent features and improvements, giving you the best possible chatting experience.

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