How to Stop Microsoft Teams From Auto Starting [2023]

Frustrated by Microsoft Teams’ persistent launch during system startup? Here, you’ll learn the steps to turn off Microsoft Teams’ auto-start function.

If you follow these instructions, Teams will no longer run automatically, giving you more control over your system’s starting programs. Get rid of unnecessary programs at launch to speed up your PC. Let’s get in and disable the Microsoft Teams auto-start feature.

how to stop microsoft teams from auto starting

How to Stop Microsoft Teams From Auto Starting: Step by Step

Follow these steps to stop Microsoft Teams from booting up every time you turn on your computer:

1. Launch Microsoft Teams

Initiate the Microsoft Teams program on your machine. It’s in your list of installed apps or a simple Start menu search away (for “Teams”).

2. Go to your preferences

When you first launch Teams, look for your profile photo or initials in the upper right corner. If you choose it, a submenu will appear. In the menu, go to “Settings.”

3. Choose “General” from the menu

Select the “General” option on the left side of the Settings window. In this section, you’ll find Microsoft Teams’ default preferences.

4. Turn off “Auto-start Application”

The “Application” settings may be found at the bottom of the “General” settings page. Toggle the switch that corresponds to “Auto-start application” or anything similar. This setting is often active by default.

how to stop microsoft teams from auto starting

5. Disable auto-start

In order to prevent Microsoft Teams from launching automatically, uncheck the box labeled “Auto-start application.” By doing so, the auto-start function will be turned off.

6. Save your modifications

Be remember to save your settings after turning off auto-start. There should be a “Save” or “Apply” option anywhere in the settings menu that you can use to permanently save your adjustments.

7. Restarting Your Computer

It is suggested that you restart your computer for the modifications to take effect. Microsoft Teams shouldn’t load automatically after a restart.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have successfully turned off Microsoft Teams’ auto-start functionality. Instead of having the program automatically run when you boot up, you may now activate it whenever you need it. Benefit from enhanced management of your computer’s launch programs.

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