How to Solve Sharing Violation in Excel 2007 [2023]

How to solve sharing violation in excel 2007? An Excel 2007 sharing violation error may put a damper on team efforts and slow down progress. However, this problem is fixable and access to shared workbooks may be restored after the proper procedures are taken.

In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to fix sharing violation problems in Excel 2007. You’ll know how to check for file locks and disable and enable the shared workbook functionality so that you and your team can continue working together smoothly.

how to solve sharing violation in excel 2007

How to Solve Sharing Violation in Excel 2007: Step by Step

A sharing violation error in Excel 2007 is annoying because it prohibits you from opening or editing a shared document. When two or more people try to open and edit the same Excel file at the same time, this error occurs.

However, you may fix this problem and access the shared spreadsheet again by following these instructions. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to fix a sharing violation in Excel 2007 and get back to working together with your team in no time.

1. Close Excel and open it again

The first thing to do when a sharing violation message appears is to totally exit Excel. Close the application and save any other open documents. Excel may be closed and reopened to launch a new copy of the program.

2. Make sure no files are locked

Go to the directory containing the shared worksheet to see whether there are any file locks that might be the cause of the sharing violation.

To access the file’s properties, right-click it and choose “Properties” from the menu that appears. Check the “Attributes” section by clicking the “General” tab in the Properties box. Make sure the “Read-only” option is not selected. If it is marked as read-only, deselect it and then click the “Apply” button.

3. Establish Who Has Permissions

If more than one person has access to a shared workbook, knowing whether or not it is being worked on at the same time is essential.

Check in with your coworkers to see whether they have the worksheet open and are making any modifications. If another person is also editing, you should communicate with them to prevent duplicating efforts.

how to solve sharing violation in excel 2007

4. Disabling the Collaborative Worksheet

The shared workbook functionality may need to be temporarily disabled if the sharing violation error continues. In Excel 2007, open the shared worksheet, go to the “Review” tab, and then click the “Share Workbook” button under the “Changes” heading.

Select “Allow changes by more than one user at the same time” and click “OK” in the “Share Workbook” dialog box to prevent simultaneous edits by multiple users.

5. Reactivate Sharing After Saving

You may now save the updated worksheet knowing that the sharing functionality has been turned off. The “Share Workbook” dialogue box may be accessed by repeating Step 4.

The “Allow changes by more than one user at the same time” option must be selected once again. When you’re through making edits, choose “OK” to save them and allow sharing again.

6. Try again Getting to the Worksheet

Retry accessing the worksheet after re-enabling sharing. To see whether the error message about a sharing violation has been fixed, open the shared worksheet. Continue on to the next step if the problem still exists.

7. Paste the data into a fresh spreadsheet

If the error message about a sharing violation cannot be fixed, try starting a new workbook and pasting its contents into it. pick all the sheets in the shared workbook, right-click, and pick “Move or Copy” from the context menu to transfer them to a new Excel workbook. Select the new workbook in the “Move or Copy” dialogue box, and then click “OK” to copy the sheets.

8. Distribute the Updated Workbook

Once the data has been transferred into the new worksheet, it may be saved and sent to the appropriate parties. Make the necessary arrangements for file sharing and let people know that the previously shared spreadsheet is no longer available. Make sure everyone in your team is on the same page before switching to the new worksheet.


In conclusion, you may fix Excel 2007 sharing violation issues and recover access to shared workbooks by following the steps provided here.

Excel must be closed and reopened before you can check for file locks, identify users, turn off and back on the shared workbook feature, and copy its contents to a new workbook. Learn how to work together efficiently and prevent workflow bottlenecks caused by sharing breaches in Excel 2007.

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