How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams [2023]

How to share screen on microsoft teams? In meetings, presentations, and collaborative writing sessions, the screen sharing function of Microsoft Teams is invaluable. In this video, we’ll demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Teams that allow you to share your screen with others. In this tutorial, you’ll learn all you need to know to make the most of this feature, from setting up a meeting to selecting which window or app to share.

Improving collaboration and communication in your team is as simple as learning to share your screen in Microsoft Teams. Let’s get started so you may feel confident sharing your screen in your next Teams meeting or call.

how to share screen on microsoft teams

How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams: Step by Step

Microsoft Teams has a handy function called “screen sharing” that lets you show your desktop, particular programs, or even files to other people in a call or conference. Sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams is easy with this walkthrough.

1. Initiate a call or meeting with Microsoft Teams

To begin, you can either hop on an existing Microsoft Teams meeting or make a call request. Launch the Teams app on your computer, choose the appointment in your calendar, or dial the contact’s number to begin a call.

2. Choose the Screen Sharing menu item

The meeting or call’s toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen after you’ve entered it. The screen sharing button is one of numerous icons in the centre of the toolbar. It’s shown by a rectangle and an arrow in the form of an icon.

3. Tap the Share Screen button

Use the toolbar’s screen sharing icon. The screen sharing options menu will appear in a pop-up window.

how to share screen on microsoft teams

4. Select the Sharing Screen or App

From the menu that appears, choose the program or screen that you want to broadcast. If your computer has more than one monitor, you may choose which one to show on the shared display. Alternately, you may choose a particular window from the list of accessible windows to share.

5. Begin Screen Sharing

Click the “Share” button after choosing the screen or app you wish to broadcast. Your screen or application will now be shared with the rest of the conference attendees through Microsoft Teams.

6. Adjust your screen-sharing settings

There are more settings you may access from the menu during screensharing. You have the option of displaying the whole screen or just a selected window. Sharing your screen may be temporarily halted or ended at any time.

7. End screen sharing

Use the “Stop Sharing” button on the toolbar to end the current screen share. Your application or screen will no longer be shared with others after you press this button.


In summary, Microsoft Teams’ screen sharing capability is a great tool for improving communication and productivity in group settings like meetings and calls.

If you follow the instructions above, sharing your screen, apps, and files with the rest of the group will be a breeze. Take use of this function in Microsoft Teams to boost interaction, facilitate data exchange, and simplify teamwork.

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