How to Set Default Font in Word [2023]

How to set default font in word? You may standardize your writing style and save time when creating new documents in Microsoft Word by making one of the system fonts your default. You may save time and effort every time you create a new document by using the default font. In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to change the Microsoft Word default font.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to tailor your writing experience to your needs, save down on wasted time, and guarantee a uniform appearance throughout all of your publications.

how to set default font in word

How to Set Default Font in Word: Step by Step Guide

Changing Microsoft Word’s default font may help you save time and keep your papers looking uniform. You may save time and effort every time you create a new document by using the same predetermined font. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your preferred font the default in Microsoft Word for a more comfortable and efficient writing experience.

1. Launch Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word to get started. To launch Word, either double-click its desktop shortcut or choose “Word” from the Start menu.

2. Adjust the fonts

When Word is active, go to the program’s settings by selecting the “File” tab at the program’s top left. Behind-the-scenes access will become available. Click “Options” from the menu of available actions on the screen’s left. The Word Options window will pop up.

3. Choose the “General” menu

There are a number of tabs along the left side of the Word Options dialogue box. To adjust Word’s defaults, select it and then click the “General” tab.

4. Navigate to the “Default Font” Settings Area

The “Default Font” field may be found on the “General” tab. The default font settings in Word may be modified here.

how to set default font in word

5. Choose a typeface and size for it

You may customize your documents’ default font and font size under the “Default Font” tab. Use the arrows next to “Font” and “Font Size” to make your selections.

You may either use the drop-down menu to choose a certain font and size, or you can put in the desired name and corresponding size.

6. Modifications are applied

After making your font and size selections, you can make them your default by clicking the “Set As Default” button that appears below the font menu.

You’ll be asked in a new dialogue box whether you want to change the default font for this document alone or for all future documents that are based on the attached template.

Select the solution that best addresses your situation. To make the chosen font the default for all new files based on the Normal.dotm template, check the box labeled “All documents based on the Normal.dotm template.” To save your changes, click the “OK” button.

7. Exit and relaunch Word

Microsoft Word must be closed and reopened for the modifications to take effect. The specified typeface and font size will now be the defaults whenever a new document is created.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, changing Microsoft Word’s default font is as simple as following these procedures. Simply launch Word, go to the Word Options dialog box, and make your font and size selections there.

Setting the default font helps you save time and keep your papers looking uniform. In Microsoft Word, you may customize your experience to suit your needs and speed up the document-making process.

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