How to Rename Printer [2023]

How to rename printer? When working with many printers, it might be helpful to give each one a unique name. Renaming printers may improve efficiency in a number of ways, including allowing for more personalized naming and facilitating a more structured system. This detailed tutorial will show you how to change the name of your printers on your computer.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to give printers the names of your choosing, which will improve your printing experience and make printer administration much simpler.

how to rename printer

How to Rename Printer: Step by Step Guide

When you have many printers connected to your computer, it might be difficult to keep track of all of them without renaming them. Renaming printers may help you save time and effort, whether you’re doing it out of personal choice or to stay more organized. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to rename printers on your computer, giving you more control over your printing setup.

1. Go on over to the Settings menu

The “Start” button is located in the screen’s bottom left corner and must be clicked in order to proceed. Find “Control Panel” in the Start menu and click on it to launch the Control Panel.

2. Go to the Devices and Printers area

There are several sub-headings inside the Control Panel pane. Find the “Hardware and Sound” section, and then go to the “Devices and Printers” sub-section. All of your networked devices, including printers, will be shown in the Devices and Printers window.

3. Find the printer that needs a new name

You can see all of the printers currently attached to your computer under the Devices and Printers tab. Look for the printer in question and click its name to rename it. Use the preexisting name or symbol to locate the printer.

how to rename printer

4. Click the Printer’s right mouse button

Right-click the printer icon you want to rename after you’ve found it. Doing so will bring up a menu with many printing-related choices.

5. Choose “Printer Properties”

To access printer settings, right-click or hover over “Printer Properties” in the context menu. This will bring up a new window where you may make changes to the chosen printer.

6. Click the “General” tab

There are many tabs available inside the Printer Properties box. To see the printer’s default settings and other generic details, choose the “General” tab.

7. Choose the “Change Properties” link

On the General panel, there’s a toggle that says “Change Properties.” To adjust the printer’s preferences, press this button.

8. Give Your Printer Its New Name

To access this window, choose “Change Properties” from the menu. Locate the “Printer Name” or “Name” field here. To rename the printer, just replace the current name with the new one.

9. Save Your Modifications

After giving the printer a new name, you can confirm the change by clicking the “OK” or “Apply” button. The name of the printer will be updated and saved automatically.

Final Words

In conclusion, renaming printers on a computer is a breeze after following these detailed steps. In the Devices and Printers area of the Control Panel, right-click the printer that needs to be changed, choose “Printer Properties,” pick the “General” tab, and then click the “Change Properties” button before entering the new name and saving the changes.

In the Control Panel, open the Printers and Faxes folder and double-check the new name. By giving your printers unique names, you’ll save time and effort while keeping everything in its place.

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