How to Record a Video in VLC [2023]

How to record a video in VLC? Not only is VLC Media Player a powerful media player, but it also has a built-in video recorder. Whether you want to record a live broadcast, make educational materials, or save a precious memory, VLC is an easy and accessible option. with this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to record movies with VLC Media Player from start to finish.

Following our guidelines, you’ll be able to begin and end recordings, alter preferences, and save recorded footage for later viewing or sharing. Find out how to use VLC’s hidden recording features and see what you can do with simple video capture.

how to record a video in vlc

How to Record a Video in VLC: Step by Step Guide

VLC Media Player is a popular and flexible media player with a broad variety of additional capabilities. The capability to capture movies without leaving the player is one of its many useful features.

Whether you need to record a lesson, catch a live broadcast, or remember a precious moment forever, VLC makes it easy to do all three. Following this tutorial, you’ll be able to capture a video using VLC Media Player with ease.

1. Open VLC Media Player

To get started, fire up VLC Media Player on your PC. You may get the version of VLC that is compatible with your computer’s operating system from the official website (

2. Access the media options

When VLC is running, choose the “Media” tab in the player’s navigation bar in the upper left. A selection menu will collapse down.

3. Click the “Open Capture Device” button

Choose “Open Capture Device” from the selection that appears. This will launch a new window where you may adjust the preferences for capturing video.

4. Pick Your Recording Setting

There’s a Capture Device tab in the “Open Media” box. Make sure this menu option is chosen. Then, choose the suitable option under “Capture mode” that fits your requirements. Choose “DirectShow” from the menu to capture video from your webcam. From the drop-down menu, choose “Screen” or “Desktop” to begin recording your screen.

how to record a video in vlc

5. Set up the capturing apparatus

The next step is to set up the equipment that will be used for recording. Select your webcam device, for instance, from the “Video device name” drop-down option if that’s what you’re recording with. Select the screen or monitor you want to record from the “Capture mode” menu.

6. Choose an Output Location

Select a destination to save the recorded video in the “Destination” portion of the same window. You have the option of saving the film directly to your Videos folder or choosing an other location by selecting the “Browse” button.

7. Begin Taping

After finalizing your preferences, the “Open Media” window will display a “Play” button in the lower right corner. Based on your capture settings, VLC will begin capturing the video. A timer will be ticking away to show how long the recording has been going on for.

8. End the recording

Either use the player’s “Stop” button or the “Ctrl + C” keyboard shortcut to end the recording. The video will be stored to the folder you selected before recording.

9. Locate the Saved Recording

Go to the folder you specified in Step 6 to find the recorded video. The video file should be accessible there and ready for viewing or uploading.

Final Thoughts

This article has shown you how to record videos in VLC Media Player step by step. Start up VLC, go to the “Media” menu, choose “Open Capture Device,” tweak the capture mode and device, choose an output location, begin recording, and terminate when finished.

Whether you want to record video from your screen or camera, VLC makes it easy to do so and offers you a variety of options for saving and sharing your creations.

VLC Media Player makes it easy to capture films for a wide range of uses, from preserving precious memories to creating instructional materials.

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