How to Print PDF on Windows 8 [2023]

How to print pdf on Windows 8? When using Windows 8, you may print PDF files to create hard copies of files for a variety of uses. The ability to print a PDF is crucial, whether for distributing reports or making copies for personal use.

Here, you’ll find detailed instructions for printing PDFs from a machine running Windows 8. The steps involved in printing a PDF from a Windows 8 computer will be covered in detail, from opening the print dialog to collecting the printed document.

how to print pdf on windows 8

How to Print PDF on Windows 8: Step by Step Guide

With Windows 8, printing PDFs is a breeze, so you can easily make backup copies or hand out paper copies of vital papers. It just takes a few easy steps to print a PDF, whether it’s a report, contract, or presentation.

On this detailed tutorial, we will show you how to print PDFs on Windows 8 so that you can have your papers printed without any problems.

1. Launch the PDF

The first step in printing from Windows 8 is to find the PDF file you wish to print. It’s common to save it on your computer’s desktop or in a specific folder. Simply double-click on the file to launch your computer’s default PDF reader and start reading.

2. Open the print menu

The PDF viewer’s menu bar may be accessed from the window’s top after the file has been opened. To access other choices, locate “File” and click on it. To open the print dialogue box, choose “Print” or “Print Preview” from the menu.

3. Select the Printer and Printing Options

Your Windows 8 machine will display a list of all available printers in the print dialogue box. Pick your preferred printer before printing the PDF. The print settings may be customized to meet your needs by changing the number of copies, the range of pages to print, the paper size, the orientation, and other parameters. Please take a moment to read over and adjust these options before moving on.

4. View the Printed Copy Before Hand

You may preview how the PDF will look on paper before actually printing it using certain PDF readers. To get a preview of the output before actually printing it, use the “Print Preview” button, if presented, in the print dialogue box. This check may assist make sure the document looks and reads the way you want it to.

how to print pdf on windows 8

5. Initiate Printing

After finalizing your printer selection and print settings, you can finally begin printing. To send the PDF to the printer, choose the “Print” option in the print dialogue box. A progress bar or beeping noise from the printer may let you know when printing has begun.

6. Get your printed copy in your hands

Once the printing procedure is complete, you may pick up the printed document. Using a local printer will result in a direct paper printout. Verify that printing is complete before taking the paper out of the printer’s output tray.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article has shown you how to print PDF files on a Windows 8 machine in a straightforward manner. You can print a PDF by opening the file, selecting print from the file’s menu, selecting the printer and print settings you want, previewing the printout (if available), and then hitting print.

You should wait until your print job is done before picking it up from the printer. Printing PDFs on Windows 8 is a quick and easy method to make tangible copies of your files for safekeeping, distribution, or any other reason.

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