How to Play TRP Files on VLC [2023]

How to play TRP files on VLC? VLC Media Player is an excellent choice for playing TRP files that you already have on your PC. The flexible media player VLC is recognized for its extensive file format compatibility, and in this post we will teach you how to play TRP files using VLC.

Install VLC, go to the TRP file, and start watching your recorded films with ease by following our detailed steps. Enjoy flawless playing of your TRP files by unlocking their full potential in VLC Media Player.

how to play trp files on vlc

How to Play TRP Files on VLC: Step by Step Guide

Digital video recordings recorded by various devices often use the TRP file extension. VLC Media Player is an easy way to play TRP files that you may have stored on your PC.

The TRP file format may be played by the flexible VLC media player. with this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to open TRP files with VLC and start watching your recorded films right away.

1. Get VLC Media Player by clicking here

Start by going to the VLC Media Player website ( and downloading the version that is compatible with your computer’s operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux). To get VLC set up on your PC, just follow the on-screen prompts. When the download is finished, run VLC Media Player.

2. Launch VLC Media Player

To launch VLC Media Player, double-click its shortcut on the desktop or in the Applications folder.

3. Find the TRP file

To access the media features of VLC Media Player, choose the tab labeled “Media” from the menu bar. From the pull-down option, choose “Open File.” It’s also possible to utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O (Windows) or Command+O (macOS). An explorer window for your files will pop up.

4. Choose the TRP file you just installed

Locate your TRP file by navigating to its directory in the file explorer window. To open the TRP file, click the “Open” button once you’ve clicked the file.

5. Start the TRP File Playback

VLC Media Player will immediately begin playing the TRP file when you pick it. VLC’s playback controls are located in the program’s bottom toolbar. You may control the playback of the TRP file and its volume using the controls provided.

how to play trp files on vlc

6. Configure VLC to your liking

VLC Media Player allows users to adjust a wide variety of options to improve their media playing experience. To adjust the settings for VLC, right-click the main window and choose “Tools” and then “Preferences.” This will bring up the Preferences box, where you may change things like the video and audio settings, as well as the subtitles.

7. Relax and Take in the TRP Film

Get comfortable with VLC Media Player and your TRP file. You can watch your TRP recordings without any hiccups thanks to VLC’s extensive playback features.

Final Words

This comprehensive guide will show you how to open and play TRP files in VLC Media Player. After installing VLC, you can just launch it, find the TRP file, and pick it to begin playing.

Adjust VLC’s settings to your liking to get the most out of your watching experience. VLC is a great option for playing your recorded movies without any hassle because of its compatibility with a wide range of file formats, including TRP. VLC Media Player will allow you to fully use your TRP files and play them without any hiccups.

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