How to Play MKV File in VLC [2023]

How to play MKV file in VLC? If you don’t have the proper media player, opening an MKV file might be a frustrating ordeal. However, VLC media player saves the day by being compatible with several file types, including MKV.

Here, we’ll show you how to open MKV files in VLC, so you may watch movies without worrying about compatibility difficulties. VLC’s intuitive interface and wide range of codec compatibility make it a safe bet that MKV files can be played without a hitch. Let’s dig in and learn about VLC’s support for MKV files.

How to Play MKV File in VLC: Step by Step Guide

Having an MKV file played might be difficult if you don’t have the proper media player. Fortunately, the widely-used and flexible VLC media player can play MKV files, among many other file types. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to open MKV files in VLC and start watching your favorite movies immediately.

1. Get VLC Media Player by clicking here

Download the VLC media player from or your device’s app store to get started. The media player may be downloaded and installed on your computer or mobile device by following the on-screen prompts. Check the system requirements to determine which version to download.

2. Play some media using VLC

You may find the VLC media player shortcut on your desktop or in the program files folder. You may start up VLC by double-clicking or tapping on its icon.

3. Play the MKV File

In VLC, open the “Media” tab (located in the upper left of the window) to play an MKV file. In the context menu, choose “Open File.” To open the file quickly, you may also use the keyboard combination “Ctrl + O” (or “Command + O” on a Mac).

how to play mkv file in vlc

4. Choose the MKV file you just saved

A window to choose and open files will pop up. Here you may choose the drive and folder where your MKV file is stored. Click the “Open” button after choosing the necessary MKV file.

5. Play the MKV File

VLC will immediately begin playing the MKV file when you pick it. Once the movie has loaded, you may adjust the volume and playback speed using the player’s controls at the player’s bottom. You have access to standard playback controls, such as pausing, playing, stopping, and adjusting the level.

6. Modify VLC’s Preferences

Playback quality may be adjusted in VLC’s settings if so desired. At the top of the VLC window, you’ll see a “Tools” tab; from there, choose “Preferences.” Here you may tweak things like video and audio quality, captioning, and more.

7. Play Your MKV File!

Kick back and watch the MKV file you downloaded with VLC media player. Thanks to VLC’s extensive codec support, you can watch and listen to MKV files without any hiccups.

Final Words

Finally, this detailed guide will show you how to open an MKV file with VLC media player. After you’ve downloaded and installed VLC, you may activate it, go to where you saved the MKV file, and begin watching the movie. To improve your viewing experience, you may tweak VLC’s settings if you want.

Because of VLC’s flexibility and support for a wide variety of file formats, you may watch movies in MKV format without worrying about compatibility difficulties.

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