How to Open MS Word in Windows 10 [2023]

How to open ms word in windows 10? Millions of people all around the globe rely on Microsoft Word, a powerful word processor. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re using Windows 10 and want to launch Microsoft Word. Learn how to open Microsoft Word in this step-by-step tutorial for Windows 10.

We have you covered whether you like to do a search from the Start menu or browse the list of already installed applications. Prepare yourself to take use of Microsoft Word to its fullest by learning how to launch it on Windows 10. So, shall we?

how to open ms word in windows 10

How to Open MS Word in Windows 10: Step by Step

When it comes to creating, editing, and formatting documents, many people turn to Microsoft Word. Here are the specific steps you need to do in order to launch Microsoft Word on Windows 10:

1. Click the Start button

Get started with Windows 10 by navigating to the Start menu. In the leftmost corner of your display is where you’ll locate the Start button. The Windows logo stands for it.

2. Open the Start Menu

To access the Start menu, choose the corresponding icon. Doing so will bring up a menu of choices and applications on your machine.

3. Look for the Microsoft Word program

You may find the Start menu’s search bar at its bottom. To find “Microsoft Word” or “Word” without the quotation marks, use the search box.

4. Find Microsoft Word in the list of results

Windows 10 will show you relevant search results as you type. In the list of results, you should see a picture of the Microsoft Word program. The blue “W” of Microsoft Word is often used to symbolize it. Select the Word icon to launch the program.

how to open ms word in windows 10

5. Launch Word from the Windows Start menu

You may also access Microsoft Word through the Start menu, where it should be listed under “Programs.” To see more applications, either use the scroll bar or choose “All apps” or “Programs” from the menu. To access the suite of Microsoft Office programs, locate the “Microsoft Office” folder and choose it. Find your computer’s Microsoft Word icon and double-click it to launch the program.

6. Pin Word to the Taskbar (Optionally)

You may pin Microsoft Word to the taskbar so that it is always readily available. To access the context menu, right-click the Word icon in the search results or the Start menu’s list of applications. Use the right-click menu to choose “Pin to taskbar.” The Word shortcut on your desktop has been updated.

7. Click the Word icon in the Taskbar to open the program

Microsoft Word may be quickly accessed from the taskbar if it has been pinned there. You may launch Microsoft Word by clicking its icon in the system tray.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You now know how to access Microsoft Word on Windows 10. You are now ready to begin utilizing Microsoft Word’s robust features and tools to create, edit, and format documents. The Windows 10 operating system makes working with text documents a breeze.

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