How to Make an Infographic in PowerPoint [2023]

How to make an infographic in powerpoint? Infographics are an effective method of conveying data in a clear and engaging way. PowerPoint, the industry standard in presentation software, offers a flexible environment in which to create eye-catching infographics. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn all you need to know to start making your own infographics in PowerPoint.

Learn how to effectively present information and ideas by exploring various layout options, including the addition of shapes, text, and aesthetic upgrades. Learn the ins and outs of designing eye-catching infographics to wow your audience with powerful visual storytelling.

how to make an infographic in powerpoint

How to Make an Infographic in PowerPoint: Step by Step

Infographics are a fantastic visual tool for conveying large amounts of information quickly and visually. PowerPoint, the industry standard in presentation software, provides a simple environment in which to make eye-catching infographics.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make an infographic in PowerPoint, a powerful tool for visually conveying information such as charts, graphs, and diagrams.

1. Initiate a new PowerPoint presentation by clicking the File tab

Launch PowerPoint and pick the “Blank Presentation” tab to create a fresh empty slide show.

2. Pick a Slide Design

Select a style that allows for both images and text under the “Home” tab to begin creating your infographic.

3. Add Visual Elements

Shapes like rectangles, circles, arrows, and lines may be added to your infographic by selecting the “Insert” option. Modify the sizes, hues, and thicknesses of the contours to your liking. Add some appealing visuals by using appropriate symbols or pictures.

4. Fill up the text and headers

Choose a form and enter text inside its confines to create a new paragraph. The text may be formatted using the “Home” tab’s available tools. Improve readability and organization using headings and subheadings.

how to make an infographic in powerpoint

5. Align and arrange the components

You may position components vertically or horizontally by selecting numerous shapes or graphics and then using the alignment and layout tools. Adjust the placement and size of the individual components to achieve visual harmony.

6. Visual Enhancements

Explore different color palettes and layout options under the “Design” menu to find what works best for you. Shapes and pictures may be enhanced by the addition of shadows, gradients, and transparency. Make data or procedures simple to comprehend with the help of SmartArt diagrams.

7. Save Your Infographic After Previewing It

Play a presentation of your infographic in PowerPoint and have a look at it. If the preview prompts any changes, make them now. To save your infographic, go to the “File” menu, choose “Save As,” then specify a save location, file name, and export format.

Final Thoughts

PowerPoint’s infographic maker provides a wealth of options for simplifying the presentation of complicated data. You now know how to make use of PowerPoint’s tools to create eye-catching infographics, thanks to the detailed instructions given above.

You may make compelling visuals that get your point through by selecting suitable layouts, combining suitable forms and images, including relevant text, and applying suitable visual upgrades. Infographics are a fantastic tool for capturing the attention of any audience during presentations, reports, or online discussions.

With enough effort and imagination, you can use PowerPoint to create eye-catching infographics that stick in people’s minds. Learn to convey stories with images and use infographics to their full capacity in your communication efforts.

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