How to Log Out of Discord on All Devices [2023]

How to log out of Discord on all devices? It is critical for account security and privacy that you log out of Discord on every device after use. This comprehensive tutorial will let you log out of all devices connected to your account and change your password with ease.

If you follow these steps, you can be sure that your Discord account will be secured against any illegal use. Use our in-depth tutorial to take charge of your Discord account and protect its security.

how to log out of discord on all devices

How to Log Out of Discord on All Devices: Step by Step

If you use Discord on numerous devices and wish to keep your account safe, you may do so by logging out of the app on each one.

By following these instructions, you’ll be able to log out of Discord across all of your devices, putting a stop to any open sessions and securing your account from harm. Keep your Discord account secure and under your control by following these steps.

1. Open Discord on Your Device of Choice

To get started, launch Discord on any of your registered devices. Any electronic device that can access the internet qualifies here.

2. Go to Your Account’s Settings

After starting Discord, go to the settings cog in the upper right or bottom left of the window. This button accesses your personal preferences. To reach the User Settings menu, click or touch on it.

3. Go to where it says “My Account”

You’ll discover a lot of settings and customization choices under the User Settings menu. Find the link labeled “My Account” and use it to enter your account details.

4. Select “Log Out Of All Devices” from the drop-down menu

In the “My Account” section, beneath “Activity,” you’ll see “Log Out of All Devices.” You may exit Discord on all of your devices at once by selecting this option.

how to log out of discord on all devices

5. Log Out Confirmation

You may log out by navigating to the account settings and selecting the “Log Out Of All Devices” option. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to log out of all devices. After reading the warning, you may confirm your decision by selecting “Log Out” from the menu.

6. Sign out of all devices

When you complete the logout, Discord will remove your account from any and all devices. All devices where you have ever logged in before are included. In order to regain access to your account on any device, you will need to log in again.

7. Alter Your Password

After logging out of every device, you should consider changing the password to your Discord account for further protection. This will add another layer of security to secure your account from prying eyes.

The “Change Password” option may be accessed from the User Settings menu. Change your password by following the on-screen directions.

Final Thoughts

After completing these steps, you will be completely logged out of Discord across all platforms. If you want to keep using Discord on any of your devices, you’ll need to log in again.

If you want to take further precautions, change your password. You can protect your Discord account’s privacy and security and keep command of your digital footprint by following these steps.

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