How to Lock YouTube Screen [2023]

How to lock YouTube screen? When you want to view a video on YouTube without interruptions, the option to lock the screen might come in handy. The option to lock the screen on a mobile device or computer makes for a more uninterrupted viewing experience.

Here, we’ll show you how to disable YouTube’s autoplay feature in its entirety. If you follow these steps, you may view your favorite YouTube videos without worrying about accidentally pausing or stopping the playing.

how to lock youtube screen

How to Lock YouTube Screen: Step by Step Guide

If you’re viewing a video on YouTube and don’t want to risk accidentally touching the screen or being interrupted, you may lock the screen. If you lock the screen while watching a video, nothing will distract you from the action on screen. Here, we’ll show you how to disable YouTube’s autoplay feature on a variety of devices and operating systems so you can watch your videos in peace.

1. Initiate YouTube App use

To get started, use the YouTube app. If you have the YouTube app installed, you may access it from your device’s home screen or app drawer.

2. Play a Video

The next step is to find a video to view after the YouTube app has been launched. A video may be played by tapping on its thumbnail image. Full-screen mode will automatically begin playing the video.

3. Click the Video Player

If you touch the screen while a video is playing, you may access the player’s options. Play/pause, volume, and a seek bar are all part of these settings.

4. Click the lock icon

Try to find a lock symbol among the player’s options. Typically, you’ll find the lock symbol at the lower right corner or near the screen’s rim. A padlock is the standard icon for the lock.

how to lock youtube screen

5. Click the Lock Icon

If you want to lock your screen, you may do so by tapping the lock symbol. The lock icon may become a different hue or show a padlock icon to signify that the screen is locked.

6. Check the Screen Lock Sixth Step

You may avoid any inadvertent touches during the movie by locking the screen by pressing the lock symbol. Try unlocking the screen and interacting with the video player controls to make sure it works. The video should keep playing when the screen is locked.

7. Activate the Display

You may recover access to the video player controls by tapping the lock symbol again to unlock the screen. When the screen is unlocked, the lock icon should change color or show a padlock without a key.

8. Start the Video Over Again

Once the screen is opened, you may continue watching by hitting the play button located inside the player’s controls. You may resume watching the video right where you left off.

Final Words

In conclusion, after reading this guide you will be able to lock YouTube and watch videos without any interruptions. Start the YouTube app playing, then press the video player to bring up the controls, and then hit the lock symbol to lock the screen. Test the security by trying to use the video player controls when the screen is locked.

To regain access, just touch the lock symbol again. The option to lock the YouTube screen allows you to watch videos in peace and quiet without worrying about being accidentally interrupted.

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