How to Lock UC Browser in PC [2023]

How to lock uc browser in pc? When using UC Browser on a personal computer, it is extremely important to be mindful of your online security and privacy. By locking UC Browser, you may better safeguard your private information and surfing history.

This tutorial will show you how to restrict access to UC Browser on your computer by installing a security program. By following these guidelines, you may lock down your browser so that only you have access, protecting your personal information and keeping your browsing session private.

how to lock uc browser in pc

How to Lock US Browser in PC: Step by Step Guide

Privacy and security should always be prioritized while using UC Browser on a personal computer. By locking the UC Browser, you can protect your private data such as passwords and browser history from prying eyes. We’ll show you how to password-protect UC Browser on your computer so that your personal information and browsing history are safe.

1. Get yourself a third-party app

A third-party program with locking features must be installed in order to secure UC Browser on your own computer. One such program is “AppLock,” which can be downloaded for free from many reputable software distribution sources. You may get the AppLock program installer from any website you choose.

2. Activate the AppLock Installer

Once the AppLock installer has downloaded, you can begin the installation process by double-clicking the downloaded file. To set up AppLock on your computer, just stick to the on-screen prompts. Before continuing with the installation, please review the license agreement and make any necessary selections.

3. Make an AppLock account

Launch AppLock on your computer after the installation is finished. A window will appear asking you to sign up for an AppLock account. Please provide your email address and a secure password in the fields provided. To finish creating your account, just do as instructed.

how to lock uc browser in pc

4. Create a Password or Lock Pattern

When you first sign up for AppLock, you’ll be prompted to create a lock pattern or PIN. UC Browser’s protection mechanism will be implemented like this. Pick a password that you can easily remember yet is tough for others to figure out. To set up a lock pattern or PIN using AppLock, just follow the on-screen prompts.

5. Include UC Browser with AppLock

After deciding on a lock pattern or PIN, you may access the AppLock UI. Find the menu item that lets you add programs to the lock list. Find UC Browser in your computer’s app drawer and click on it to launch it. By clicking this button, UC Browser will be added to AppLock’s list of lockable applications.

6. Secure UC Browser

You can find the UC Browser icon in AppLock’s main interface after you’ve added it. By tapping the icon, you may lock UC Browser using the pattern or PIN you set up. UC Browser will become inaccessible until the right unlock code (pattern or PIN) is entered.

7. Check the Lock

You may double-check that UC Browser is locked by closing it and reopening it. AppLock needs to ask for your lock pattern or PIN code. You may unlock UC Browser by entering a proper pattern or PIN. Checking the lock in this manner guarantees its proper operation.

8. Adjust your AppLock preferences

AppLock’s customizable features let you fine-tune your locking experience. You may adjust the lock timeout, lock pattern, PIN, enable/disable notifications, and more under the AppLock settings. You may fine-tune the security of your UC Browser by using these options.

Final Words

Following these detailed steps, you will be able to use AppLock to secure your copy of UC Browser on your computer. This safeguards your online activity, preventing any third party from gaining access to your personal information.

To prevent the lock from being compromised, remember to keep your lock pattern or PIN secret. Feel at ease when using UC Browser knowing that your data is protected behind a strong password.

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