How to Install VS Code in Windows 11 [2023]

How to install VS Code in windows 11? Visual Studio Code (VS Code) users on Windows 11: you’ve found the perfect spot to get VS Code installed. You may increase your coding efficiency using VS Code since it is a flexible and feature-rich text editor.

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up Visual Studio Code on a PC running Windows 11. If you follow these steps, you’ll have Visual Studio Code up and operating in no time, ready to begin your coding adventure and take use of all the features it offers.

how to install vs code in windows 11

How to Install VS Code in Windows 11: Step by Step

When it comes to code editors, few can compare to the power and flexibility of Visual Studio Code (VS Code). This tutorial will show you how to set up Visual Studio Code on a Windows 11 machine. Following these steps will have Visual Studio Code installed and operating on your Windows 11 computer.

1. Get Visual Studio Code by clicking here

Launch your web browser of choice and go to the Visual Studio Code homepage. Find the section labeled “Downloads,” then hit the button labeled “VS Code for Windows.” Your computer will start downloading the setup file immediately.

2. Find the Installer You Just Downloaded

When the download is complete, look in your default download folder or the location you chose for the installer file to begin the installation process. You should expect to see a filename along the lines of “VSCodeSetup.exe” or something like.

3. Launch the setup program

Just double-click the installer file you downloaded to get started. The computer could ask for your approval to make changes in the form of a User Account Control (UAC) prompt. Simply choose “Yes” to continue.

4. Optional Fourth-Step Installation Selection

The Visual Studio Code setup process will launch. Select the installation settings that best suit your needs here. Take stock of the situation and make any necessary adjustments. The default configuration is usually enough for the majority of users. Select “Next” to continue.

5. Choosing an Install Spot

The next step is to specify where Visual Studio Code should be installed. It will be placed in the “Program Files” folder of your primary hard disk (often labeled “C:”).

To change the installation directory, pick a new directory using the “Browse” option. As soon as you’ve selected your choice, use the “Next” button to proceed.

how to install vs code in windows 11

6. Installation Procedure

After you’ve decided where to put it, click “Next” again to proceed with the setup. Once you choose an installation directory, the installer will extract and transfer the contents there.

7. Conclude the Setup Process

There will be a confirmation screen when the installation is finished. If you wish to start using VS Code right away after installation, make sure the “Launch Visual Studio Code” option is checked. The installation may be completed by clicking the “Finish” button.

8. Start Up Visual Studio Code

When you install Visual Studio Code, you will be given the option to immediately begin the program. Otherwise, double-click the Visual Studio Code shortcut on your computer’s desktop or in the Start menu.

9. Personalize Visual Studio Code

When you first open Visual Studio Code, you may adjust the settings to make the editor work the way you want it to. You have a lot of leeway in terms of what you add, what you change, and what you set up. Check out the various settings to tailor your time in VS Code to your preferences.

Final Words

As a result of following these detailed steps, Visual Studio Code has been installed on your Windows 11 computer. For your coding and development tasks, you can now take use of this renowned code editor’s robust features and adaptability.

Make Visual Studio Code work the way you want it to, and tap into the vast extension and plugin community. Prepare to maximize efficiency and simplify processes with Visual Studio Code for Windows 11.

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