How to Install DirectPlay Windows 10 [2023]

How to install DirectPlay windows 10? Installing DirectPlay may help fix compatibility problems between Windows 10 and older games and programs. DirectPlay is a relic that lets ancient programs run without any hiccups.

Follow along with this detailed tutorial as we show you how to set up DirectPlay on Windows 10. If you follow our detailed steps, you’ll be able to run all your old programs and games smoothly. Let’s get started with allowing outdated programs to run on your Windows 10 computer.

how to install directplay windows 10

How to Install DirectPlay Windows 10: Step by Step

DirectPlay is a legacy feature of Windows that allows for backwards compatibility with older software and games. If you’re having trouble running an older game or software that requires DirectPlay on Windows 10, you may add it manually.

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up DirectPlay on Windows 10 so you can run all your old programs and games with no trouble at all.

1. Go on over to the Settings menu

Start by going to the Settings menu in Windows 10. Simply enter “Control Panel” into the search field on the taskbar and click on the result.

2. Go to the Programs menu

There are several subheadings inside the Admin Panel. To modify your computer’s software, look for the “Programs” section and click on it.

3. Select “Turn Windows features on or off”

The Programs menu provides many alternatives. The “Turn Windows features on or off” link should be what you’re looking for. To access Windows’ Features menu, click this.

4. Open up “Legacy Components” by looking for it

You may see the features and components that ship with your copy of Windows 10 in the Windows Features dialog box. Look for the “Legacy Components” subheading farther down the page. To see subcategories, use the “+” or arrow buttons.

how to install directplay windows 10

5. Select “DirectPlay” from the drop-down menu

When the Legacy Components node is expanded, a list of such components appears. Find the option to enable “DirectPlay,” and click on it. To allow DirectPlay installation, choose the check box.

6. Install DirectPlay by selecting “OK”

Click “OK” in the Windows Features dialog box once you have enabled DirectPlay. Windows will then request that you confirm the adjustments and continue with the DirectPlay installation. To continue with the setup, click “Yes” or “OK” to confirm.

7. Hold tight until the installation is finished

DirectPlay installation will now begin on your Windows 10 PC. It might take a few seconds for the installation to complete. If you want Windows to install properly, you must be online while it does so.

8. Restarting Your Computer

Windows will ask you to restart your computer when the DirectPlay installation is complete. The modifications will not take effect until you restart your computer. Finished work should be saved, and then “Restart Now” should be clicked.

9.Double-Check Your DirectPlay Setup

After the system restarts, you will be able to confirm that DirectPlay was successfully installed. Start the program or game that you believe relied on DirectPlay, and see whether it launches without any problems.

DirectPlay should now be properly installed on your Windows 10 machine if the application runs without error.

Final Words

The end result of following these steps to the letter is a DirectPlay installation on a Windows 10 machine. There will no longer be any compatibility issues while using previous DirectPlay-reliant games and programs.

You’ll need to activate DirectPlay in Legacy Components in the Windows Features dialog box, which can be accessed through the Programs section of the Control Panel. DirectPlay ensures backwards compatibility with Windows 10 so you may enjoy your old games and programs once more.

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