How to Get Unity Web Player to Work on Chrome [2023]

How to get unity web player to work on chrome? You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been experiencing difficulty with Unity Web Player and Google Chrome. The Unity Web Player is a browser plugin that brings interactive 3D content and games to users.

However, owing to advancements in browser technology, it may be necessary to take further measures to get it to function properly with Chrome.

Activating NPAPI, downloading Unity Web Player, and tweaking Chrome’s preferences are all covered in this detailed tutorial. If you follow these instructions, you may install Unity Web Player on your Chrome browser and have access to its amazing features.

how to get unity web player to work on chrome

How to Get Unity Web Player to Work on Chrome: Step by Step

The Unity Web Player is a browser plugin for viewing 3D material and playing 3D games online. Unity Web Player may not operate with Google Chrome due to browser technology updates. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to install Unity Web Player on Chrome and start taking advantage of the rich, interactive content it provides.

1. Check whether Chrome is compatible

Before proceeding, check to see whether your version of Chrome supports Unity Web Player. To access the Chrome menu, launch Google Chrome and click the menu symbol (three dots) in the upper-right corner. To see this information, choose the “Help” option, followed by “About Google Chrome.” Find out whether there are any changes, and put them in if you need to. The latest version of Chrome (45) is supported by Unity Web Player.

2. Activate NPAPI

If you’re using Chrome, you’ll need to install the NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) plugin in order to use Unity Web Player.

Chrome doesn’t allow NPAPI plugins to work by default. Simply enter “chrome://flags” into the URL bar and hit Enter to activate the feature. Find “Enable NPAPI” in the list of flags and then click the “Enable” link next to it. To apply the new settings, close and reopen Chrome.

3. Download and Install the Unity Web Player

You may now install Unity Web Player because NPAPI support has been activated. To get the Unity Web Player, open a new Chrome tab and go to the official download page ( To download the Unity Web Player, choose “Download” and then follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Start the Setup Program

To launch the installation for Unity Web Player, find the file you downloaded (usually in a folder called “Downloads”) and double-click it.

To finish the setup procedure, just follow the on-screen prompts. After the setup is complete, your Chrome browser will automatically include Unity Web Player.

how to get unity web player to work on chrome

5. Unity Web Player Testing

Visit a Unity Web Player-required website or game to test the plugin’s functionality. If everything went well during setup, you should be able to access the material or play the game directly in Chrome. Verify the functionality of the Unity asset by interacting with it.

6. Adjusting Chrome’s settings

Unity Web Player problems may sometimes be fixed by tweaking browser settings. To adjust Chrome’s preferences, click the menu button (three dots) and then choose “Settings” Click “Advanced” at the bottom of the settings page to see further customization options.

To change your content restrictions, go to “Privacy and security” then “Content settings.” If you’re having trouble with Unity Web Player, you may adjust the settings for plugins, flash, and pop-ups there. Adjust as needed so that it suits your tastes.


on conclusion, Unity Web Player may be made to function on Google Chrome by according to these detailed steps. Install Unity Web Player, verify that your Chrome version supports it, then try it out on suitable websites or games to see whether it works. If you’re having trouble with Unity Web Player’s performance on Chrome, try adjusting the browser’s settings.

Follow these instructions to access Unity Web Player inside your Chrome browser and begin enjoying the dynamic and immersive experiences it provides.

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