How to Do Auto Velocity on CapCut [2023]

How to do auto velocity on CapCut? CapCut is an advanced video editing program with a lot of fun extras like Auto Velocity. With CapCut’s Auto Velocity, it’s simple to increase or decrease the pace of your video clips for more dramatic effect.

This tutorial will show you how to use Auto Velocity in CapCut, a program that will allow you to add dynamic speed effects to your videos.

CapCut’s Auto Velocity is there for you whether you need to slow down a dramatic moment or speed up an action-packed scene. Let’s dig in and learn the ropes of using this function effectively.

how to do auto velocity on capcut

How to Do Auto Velocity on Capcut: Step by Step

CapCut is a well-liked program for editing videos, since it provides its users with many options for personal expression. Auto Velocity is one such function that provides automated clip speed adjustments.

Using CapCut’s Auto Velocity, you can give your films a more exciting and professional look by adding dynamic effects like slow motion or fast forward. This tutorial will show you how to use Auto Velocity in CapCut, making it easy to adjust the tempo of your videos for a more dramatic or comedic effect.

1. Load Video into CapCut

To get started, use the CapCut app on your phone or tablet. Open the app and then click the “+” to create a new task. Choose “Import” from the menu to load the video clip you wish to apply Auto Velocity to. Pick the video you want to watch from your device’s library, and then confirm your choice.

2. Include the video into the timeline

The video will be accessible in CapCut’s media library after it has been imported. To add a video to the timeline at the screen’s bottom, tap and hold the thumbnail. Find a suitable spot for it in your video production, and drop it there.

3. Adjust the Velocity Settings

Once the video has been imported into the timeline, you may choose it by tapping on it. The “Speed” button may be found by looking for a clock icon. The clip’s speed adjustment menu will appear.

4. Auto Velocity

There are a number of predefined speeds available for use inside the speed controls. Find the option labeled “Auto” or “Auto Velocity” and click on it. With this option enabled, the clip’s speed will change dynamically depending on the clip’s content and length.

how to do auto velocity on capcut

5. Adjust the Auto Velocity Settings

You may adjust the speed impact to your liking after using Auto Velocity. The speed value may be accessed by tapping on it, which is located below the sliders.

Clicking here will bring up a speed slider where you may make your own adjustments to the video. Move the slider to the left or right to adjust the speed. See your adjustments take effect in real time.

6. Use Auto Velocity on Several Clips

Applying Auto Velocity to several clips in a project requires doing steps 3–5 for each clip separately. In this method, you may vary the pace of different parts of your film to increase its dramatic effect and depth of plot.

7. Watch the Final Cut and Save the File

After applying Auto Velocity and making any required edits to your video clip(s), you can now see a preview of the finished product.

To see a preview of your sped-up video, just hit the play button when you’ve finished editing. If you’re happy with the way the video turned out after editing, touch the checkmark or export button.

Final Words

The Auto Velocity function in CapCut makes it simple to adjust the tempo of your video clips, as seen in this tutorial. To apply Auto Velocity to a video, start CapCut, import the clip you want to use, drop it into the timeline, and use the speed settings from there. Dynamic sequences may be created by applying Auto Velocity to various clips.

Finally, you may preview and export your altered video before publishing it. The Auto Velocity function in CapCut makes it simple to improve the aesthetic value of your films by applying speed effects.

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