How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily [2023]

How to disable avast antivirus temporarily? Even though Avast Antivirus is widely used, there are times when you may need to temporarily deactivate it. Temporarily stopping Avast might be useful when installing new applications or addressing compatibility concerns. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to temporarily disable Avast’s antivirus software.

The Avast shields may be disabled and particular actions completed without interruption by following these simple steps. Let’s look at how to temporarily deactivate Avast’s protection and reclaim control of your PC.

how to disable avast antivirus temporarily

How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily: Step by Step

Even while Avast anti-virus software is an absolute need, there may be times when you need to temporarily deactivate it. When installing certain software or attempting to resolve compatibility problems, temporarily disabling Avast may be necessary.

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to temporarily deactivate Avast Antivirus so that you may carry out certain operations without being interrupted.

1. Look for the Avast icon in your computer’s tray

In Windows, the Avast icon may be found in the system tray, which is usually at the rightmost part of the taskbar. The symbol looks like the orange or blue “A” from the Avast logo. If you can’t see it, try clicking the arrow next to “Show hidden icons” to see if it reveals it.

2. Launch the Avast! interface

To access the Avast context menu, right-click the icon located on the system tray. To access the main screen of Avast, choose “Open Avast user interface” from the main menu. The Avast Antivirus administration panel will launch.

3. Activate Avast Shields

You may access these features by going to the “Protection” or “Menu” tab in the Avast interface. Select “Settings” or “Components” from the menu bar or side panel to activate the Avast Shields.

4. Turn Off the Defenses

You may access the various shields and other forms of protection that Avast provides via the Avast Shields Control. Avast may be temporarily disabled by clicking the toggle button next to each shield. Alternately, you may be able to temporarily stop the shields by clicking a “Stop” or “Pause” button that appears next to each one.

how to disable avast antivirus temporarily

5. Set how long Avast will be disabled

In certain versions of Avast, you may choose the amount of time the antivirus is turned off for. If this is an accessible option, choose a time frame (10 minutes, 1 hour, or till restart) that suits your needs. By setting a timer, Avast may activate itself at that point.

6. Disabling Confirmation

You may be prompted with a popup window to confirm your decision to temporarily disable Avast. Make sure you understand the message and agree to the temporary disablement before you click the button. Select “Yes” or “OK” to complete the action and turn off Avast.

7. Check the Status of the Avast Shields

Verify that the shields have been switched off once Avast has been disabled. Verify that the shields have been deactivated using the Avast user interface or the icon in the system tray. There may be a pop-up or other visual cue letting you know that Avast’s virus protection has been temporarily turned off.

8. Complete the Work

Get done what you needed to get done while Avast was disabled. This may include tasks like setting up software or fixing compatibility problems. When you’re done, be sure to turn on Avast again so your computer is protected.


This comprehensive guide will show you how to temporarily deactivate Avast Antivirus. To check the shields’ state or deactivate them, you’ll need to find the Avast icon, launch the user interface, go to the Avast Shields Control, choose a time period, confirm the operation, and check the status again.

When you’re done, make sure your machine is still secured by re-enabling Avast. By temporarily deactivating Avast, you may access your files, use programs, and browse the web without being interrupted by the antivirus program.

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