How to Crop Video in VLC [2023]

How to crop video in VLC? VLC Media Player is a flexible and popular media player that includes video cropping among its many functions. Cropping a video lets you eliminate extraneous content, change the video’s aspect ratio, or zero in on a particular region of interest.

This tutorial will show you how to crop a video in VLC Media Player by walking you through each step. The video material you see may be readily personalized by following these procedures. VLC’s robust cropping features will allow you to maximize the potential of your films.

how to crop video in vlc

How to Crop Video in VLC: Step by Step Guide

The ability to crop films is only one of many handy capabilities offered by the popular VLC Media Player. Cropping a video lets you delete irrelevant content, change the video’s aspect ratio, or zero in on a particular region. To help you easily personalize and improve your video material, we’ve put together this comprehensive explanation on how to crop a video in VLC Media Player.

1. Launch VLC Media Player

Start by opening the VLC Media Player application on your computer. If you don’t have VLC installed, you can download it for free from the official VideoLAN website (

2. Play the Video

When you launch VLC Media Player, go to the top left of the interface and choose the “Media” tab. Choose “Open File” from the file menu or use the shortcut Ctrl+O (Command+O on a Mac). Navigate the folders and files on your computer until you find the video you want to crop. To play a file with VLC, just click “Open” once you’ve made your selection.

3. Turn on Extra Settings

VLC’s default settings provide a stripped-down interface. The advanced settings may be accessed by selecting “View” from the main menu’s tabs, and then “Advanced Controls.” As a result, VLC will get a fresh set of options.

how to crop video in vlc

4. Start the Movie

To begin viewing the video, choose “Play” from VLC’s menu bar. This is a crucial stage because it guarantees real-time video previewing when cropping modifications are made.

5. Start cropping your video

Select “Effects and Filters” from the “Tools” menu to access the video cropping function. This will launch a new tab where you may make changes.

6. Cropping your video

Select the “Video Effects” tab in the “Effects and Filters” box. Then, go to the menu and choose the “Crop” option. By clicking here, you may access the video’s cropping options.

You may define the crop region and see a preview of the video all inside the “Crop” page. The crop area may be adjusted by changing the values in the “Top,” “Bottom,” “Left,” and “Right” boxes. To fine-tune the crop area, either input values manually or utilize the up/down arrows.

7. Crop Preview & Implementation

The preview window will refresh to reflect the new crop settings as you make them. You may see a live preview of the cropped video while making any necessary edits. When the crop is to your liking, click “Close” to save your work.

8. Store the Edited Video

Press Ctrl+R (Command+R on Mac) or go to the “Media” tab and choose “Convert/Save” to save the trimmed video. To add the cropped video to the conversion queue, choose the “File” tab and then click the “Add” button.

To finalize your cropped video’s output format, save location, and file name, click the “Convert/Save” button. When you’re ready to begin the conversion and save the cropped video, press the “Start” button.

Final Words

Finally, this detailed guide will show you how to crop movies in VLC Media Player. VideoLAN Client (VLC) is started, a video file is loaded, advanced settings are enabled, the video is played, the crop function is activated, the crop settings are accessed, the crop area is specified, a preview is performed, the crop is applied, and the video is saved.

To improve your video viewing experience, you may crop films to eliminate irrelevant material and zero in on what matters most using VLC’s robust cropping tools.

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