How to Convert WMA to WAV [2023]

How to convert WMA to WAV? WMA (Windows Media Audio) files may be converted to WAV (Waveform Audio File Format) for more compatibility and better sound quality. Here, you’ll find detailed instructions for making the switch from WMA to WAV.

By following our detailed steps, you can quickly and simply convert your audio files while preserving their quality so that you may play them on more platforms. Learn how simple the converting procedure is and release the full power of your audio files by using the WAV format.

how to convert wma to wav

How to Convert WMA to WAV: Step by Step Guide

Windows Media Audio (WMA) files may be converted to Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) files so that they can be played on more devices and software. The lossless quality of WAV files makes them a popular choice for audio files. In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to change your audio files from the WMA format to the more portable and flexible WAV format. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to convert your audio files without compromising their quality or compatibility.

1. Pick a Conversion Program

Select a trustworthy program that allows for the conversion of WMA to WAV as a starting point. Several alternatives, both free and paid, are at your disposal. Do some digging to find a program that works with your computer’s OS. After making your selection, proceed to the download and installation of the program.

2. Start up the converting program

The conversion program should be run immediately after installation. The software’s user interface has to include obvious settings for handling and converting files.

3. Adding the WMA Files

The “Add Files” or “Import” button should be where you’d expect it to be in the conversion program. If you click this, a new window will open where you may explore for files. To convert your WMA files, open the folder containing them, pick the files, and then click “Open” or a similar option.

how to convert wma to wav

4. Set the output format to WAV

The next step is to access the software’s output format selection menu. Seek for a selection box or button labelled “Output Format” or “Convert To.” To use WAV as the output format, click on it. Verify that the sampling rate, bit depth, and number of audio channels (if applicable) for the WAV file are all set properly.

5. Select the Destination Folder

Choose where the converted WAV files should be placed now. Find the “Destination” or “Output Folder” box and then either select a folder on your hard drive or type in the full path to a specific folder. Pick a spot that’ll make finding the converted files quick and simple.

6. Initiate the transformation

After deciding on an output format and where you want the converted file to go, you may begin the process. Select the converting software’s “Convert” or “Start” button. After selecting several WMA files, the program will start converting them to WAV.

7. Keep an Eye on How Far Along the Conversion Is

The program may update you on the status of the conversion using a progress bar or other indications as it goes along. Let the program convert all the files it has been told to.

8. Double-check and Download the WAV Files You Just Converted

Once the process is finished, check to see whether the WMA files were correctly converted to WAV. To locate the newly created WAV files, go to the location you designated before.

The WAV files are now available for download and playback on any computer, smartphone, or other device that supports the WAV file format.


Following these guidelines, it should be possible for you to convert your WMA audio files to the more frequently used WAV format. Select a reputable piece of conversion software, load in your WMA files, make WAV the target format, set your output folder, and start the conversion.

Make sure the conversion is effective by keeping an eye on the process. The converted WAV files ensure that the high-quality audio may be played on a wide range of devices and operating systems without any hassle.

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