How to Convert Google Slides to Powerpoint [2023]

How to convert google slides to PowerPoint? When you need to share your presentation with others who use Microsoft’s PowerPoint software, you may find it helpful to convert your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint.

In this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to export a Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint in a simple and straightforward manner. If you follow these steps, your slides will remain intact, and the conversion to PowerPoint will go down without a hitch. So, shall we?

how to convert google slides to powerpoint

How to Convert Google Slides to Powerpoint: Step by Step

Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides are both excellent presentation programs, however there may be instances when you need to export your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint.

Here, we’ll show you how to export a presentation from Google Slides to Microsoft PowerPoint in a straightforward manner. These guidelines can help you present your PowerPoint presentations in a new setting, work with people who use PowerPoint, or both with ease.

1. Access your presentation on Google Slides

Launch your web browser and go on over to Google Slides ( to get started with the transformation. If you need to, log into your Google account and go to the presentation you want to edit. To see the presentation, choose the link.

2. Choose “File” from the main menu

You can access the navigation bar at the top of your Google Slides presentation. To bring up a submenu, choose “File” from the main menu.

3. Click “Download” and then “Microsoft PowerPoint”

Select “Download” from the “File” menu’s drop-down menu. A drop-down menu will show up. Please use the drop-down box to choose “Microsoft PowerPoint.” The process of transformation will begin after you take this step.

how to convert google slides to powerpoint

4. Sit tight till the transformation is finished

If you choose “Microsoft PowerPoint,” a window will pop up while your presentation is being transformed. Hold tight until the transformation is complete. Your presentation’s size and complexity will determine how much time will be needed.

5. Save the PowerPoint Presentation

When the process is complete, a dialogue box will prompt you to specify where you’d want to store the revised PowerPoint presentation. To begin downloading, choose a location on your computer and then click the “Save” button.

6. Launch the PowerPoint presentation

To access the converted PowerPoint file, open the location where it was stored. To view the file in Microsoft PowerPoint, just double-click on it. The presentation has been transformed so that it can be seen and edited in PowerPoint.

7. Examine and modify the slide’s components

When opening the converted PowerPoint file, you should go through and check each slide to make sure everything looks OK. If the presentation isn’t looking quite right, make the required edits and format modifications.

8. Save the PowerPoint

After going over it and making any required adjustments, save the PowerPoint file where you want it. To save the file, open PowerPoint and click “Save” (or “Save As”).


To sum up, if you want to work with people who only use PowerPoint, or show your slides in a variety of settings, you should convert your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to export your Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint file without losing any of your hard work. You may now send out your PowerPoint presentation to your audience.

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