How to Change Wallpaper in Windows 7 [2023]

How to change wallpaper in Windows 7? Changing the wallpaper in Windows 7 is a quick and easy method to give your desktop a new appearance and feel. This detailed tutorial will teach you how to set your desktop background, whether you want to use one of your own photographs or one of the many pre-loaded options.

Windows 7 makes it simple to personalize your desktop with a wallpaper of your choosing, and you can do it by following these steps. Let’s get in and change up the wallpaper on your Windows 7 computer.

how to change wallpaper in windows 7

How to Change Wallpaper in Windows 7: Step by Step

Changing your desktop wallpaper is a simple way to make Windows 7 seem more like your own and add some visual flair to your workstation.

Changing the wallpaper in Windows 7 is simple, whether you want to use a personal picture, a breathtaking image, or one of the pre-installed options. In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to easily update the look of your Windows 7 desktop by switching out the wallpaper.

1. Go into your account’s customization options

Right-click anywhere on your desktop to get started. A contextual menu will appear when you do this. To make anything your own, go to the context menu and choose “Personalize.” The window for customizing your experience will open.

2. Decide on a Topic

The various themes are shown in the Personalization preferences box. Your desktop may have a consistent look and feel with a theme, which is a collection of wallpapers, colors, and sounds. Selecting a new motif is the first step in updating the background. Simply click on a topic to get a brief description of it.

3. Pick a Background Image

The “Desktop Background” option in the Personalization settings window allows you to alter the wallpaper without switching themes. Here you may change the wallpaper on your computer’s desktop.

how to change wallpaper in windows 7

4. Look for a New Background

You may change the wallpaper on your computer by adjusting the settings in the Desktop Background section. Select a wallpaper from the gallery of preloaded images by using the “Picture Location” pull-down menu. Select the desired picture from the gallery by clicking on it.

5. Determine Where the Wallpaper Will Go

When you choose the perfect wallpaper, you may customize its appearance on your computer. Click on the “Picture Position” menu and then choose between “Fill,” “Fit,” “Stretch,” and “Tile” to adjust the wallpaper’s placement and presentation.

6. Tweak Extra Settings (if Needed)

You may further alter your wallpaper’s appearance under the Desktop Background settings. The “Change picture every” option, for instance, allows you to set the wallpaper to automatically rotate between photos in a specified folder at regular intervals. You have the option of viewing the chosen photographs in consecutive sequence or randomly.

7. Keep your changes after applying them

Once you’ve made your choices in the Desktop Background settings window, click the “Save Changes” button at the window’s bottom to apply the new wallpaper and save your preferences. If you’d rather not save your modifications, you can just click the “Cancel” button.

8. Appreciate Your New Wallcovering

After making the necessary changes and clicking “Save,” the new wallpaper will appear on your computer’s background. Stop for a second and take in the clean, modern design of your Windows 7 desktop.

Final Thoughts

As a result of following these guidelines, changing your Windows 7 desktop background should be a breeze. You may alter the wallpaper and other settings under the Personalization menu, choose a theme or pick a new wallpaper directly, and then save your choices.

Enhance your Windows 7 experience by making it your own with the use of your own photos, preferred artwork, or pre-installed wallpapers.

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