How to Change Language in VLC Player [2023]

How to change language in VLC player? VLC Player is a flexible media player that plays a wide variety of file formats. The language options in VLC Player may be changed to your preference if you’d rather view movies or listen to music in a language other than English.

This tutorial will show you how to switch the language setting in VLC Player so that you may enjoy your media in the language of your choice. VLC Player’s flexible language options make it a breeze to personalize your media experience, whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or streaming media.

how to change language in vlc player

How to Change Language in VLC Player: Step by Step

VLC Player is a widely used media player with a wide variety of capabilities. Changing the language settings is a convenient option that lets you watch videos in your native tongue.

Changing the language in VLC Player is a simple operation, and we’ll show you how to do it here so you may use the program in the language of your choice.

1. Start up VLC Player

To get started, open VLC Player by clicking on its icon on the desktop or in the program files folder. To open VLC Player, just double-click its icon.

2. Go to the settings menu

When VLC Player is running, choose “Tools” from the main menu. Select “Preferences” from the main menu to modify your VLC Player settings.

3. Click the “Interface” button

There is a menu of tabs at the top of the VLC Player preferences window. To access the user interface settings, use the “Interface” menu item.

4. Pick Your Language

The “Interface” tab of VLC Player’s preferences allows you to modify the player’s graphical user interface. You may change the VLC Player’s interface language by clicking the “Language” button.

how to change language in vlc player

5. Choose your language of choice

To see a list of supported languages, choose the ellipsis (…) next to the “Language” field. Select the language you want to use with VLC Player by scrolling down the list.

6. Implement the Modifications

After making your language selection, you may save your choices by clicking the “Save” button at the window’s bottom. The language selection will be used to localize the VLC Player interface.

7. Restart VLC Player

It is suggested to restart VLC Player for the language changes to take effect. To view the VLC Player interface in the newly chosen language, close the program and resume it.

8. Check the Language Switch

Make sure the language switch took effect after restarting VLC Player. You should now see the UI components, menus, and choices in the chosen language.

Final Words

As you can see, changing the language setting in VLC Player is a simple process after reading this guide. Start up VLC Player, go into its settings, click the “Interface” tab, find the “Language” option, choose your language of choice, click “Save” and “Apply,” then restart the player and double-check that the language has been updated.

The language options in VLC Player make it possible to listen to media in whatever language you choose.

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