How to Cancel Spotify Premium [2023]

This article will let you cancel your Spotify Premium membership and go back to the free version of Spotify, or any other streaming service.

Here, in a series of simple steps, are detailed instructions for terminating your Spotify Premium account. You may modify your membership or cancel it entirely by following these simple instructions. So, let’s get started with disabling Spotify Premium.

how to cancel spotify premium

How to Cancel Spotify Premium: Step by Step

Whether your decision to cancel your Spotify Premium membership was based on personal choice or an unexpected change in your financial situation, knowing the proper actions to take is essential.

In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll show you exactly what to do to terminate your Spotify Premium account. If you’re unhappy with Spotify Premium, you may quickly cancel your subscription and return to the free version of the service or look into alternatives.

1. Load up the Spotify mobile app or desktop site

You may cancel your Spotify subscription at any time by using the Spotify app or going to the Spotify website from your mobile device or computer. Make sure you’re logged into Spotify before proceeding.

2. Modify Your Profile Settings

Access your Spotify profile’s settings through the app or website. If you’re using an app, you can normally access this by going to the “Home” tab, then touching the gear icon (or the three vertical dots) in the top-right corner.

To access your account settings, hover over your user name or profile image in the upper right corner of the site and click on it. Just go to the main menu and choose “Account” or “Account Settings.”

3. Navigate to Paid Membership or Subscription

You may access this feature by going to the “Subscription” or “Premium” tab in your account settings. Here you may modify your Spotify account information.

4. Assess Billing and Delivery Details

Information regarding your current subscription, such as the kind of subscription and payment information, may be found under the Subscription or Premium area. Check to see whether the subscription you want to cancel is the one you think it is.

5. Click the “Cancel Subscription” button

Find the means through which your subscription may be terminated. This button might say either “Cancel Premium” or “Cancel Subscription.” To cancel your subscription, please choose this link.

how to cancel spotify premium

6. Explain Why You’re Canceling

When you terminate your Spotify account, you may be asked to offer an explanation. You don’t have to provide an explanation if you don’t want to this is a discretionary step. Select the most applicable reason or write your own explanation if you still want to submit comments.

7. Cancellation Verification as Step Seven

After a cancellation request has been submitted, Spotify will ask for confirmation. Pay close attention to the details provided, such as the termination date and the length of time left on any perks or features before they are terminated. It’s important to confirm your decision to cancel by clicking or tapping the corresponding button.

8. Confirm the cancellation

Spotify may request more proof of cancellation after the first confirmation. To verify your identity as the account holder, you may be asked to enter your Spotify password or complete a captcha. To complete the verification process, please respond to the on-screen questions.

9. Finished With Confirmation and Cancellation

Once your identity has been confirmed, Spotify will send you a message confirming that your Premium membership has been terminated.

Make sure you remember important information like the cancellation’s effective date and any advantages you still have until then. After canceling, your Spotify account will return to the free tier.


This article has shown you how to terminate your Spotify Premium account in a few simple steps. To cancel your Spotify membership, use the app or visit the website, then go to your account settings and click on the membership or Premium tab. Explain why you’re canceling if you like, and provide whatever proof is required.

You may cancel your Spotify Premium membership with these easy steps and move on to other music streaming services or keep using Spotify without paying for it.

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