How to Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription [2023]

How to cancel ExpressVPN subscription? There is no need to make a fuss if you decide to cancel your ExpressVPN service. Whether you’re leaving ExpressVPN for another service or no longer need VPN, our detailed guide will show you how to terminate your account quickly and easily.

You may easily access your account, modify your membership options, and confirm the cancellation by following our detailed steps. Learn how to terminate your ExpressVPN membership and regain control of your VPN service and billing information.

how to cancel expressvpn subscription

How to Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription: Step by Step Guide

Cancelling your ExpressVPN membership is easy if you no longer need their services or if you just want to move to a different VPN provider. In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to terminate your ExpressVPN account and stop being charged. If you follow these steps, canceling your VPN service and managing your account will be a breeze.

1. Go to the ExpressVPN Homepage

Get started with ExpressVPN by going to their website from any computer or mobile device. Simply input “” into the browser’s address box and hit the Enter key to proceed.

2. Activate Your Account

When you go to the ExpressVPN homepage, look for the “Sign In” or “My Account” button. If you want to sign in, just click that link. Simply enter your ExpressVPN username and password and then click the “Sign In” button to access your account.

3. Adjust Your Payment Options

Find the “Subscription” or “Account Settings” tab after signing in. Depending on how ExpressVPN’s website is designed, the content of this section may change somewhat. Check for menus that pertain to your subscription or account information.

how to cancel expressvpn subscription

4. Take care of your subscription

Your subscription settings should be accessible via the Subscription or Account Settings menu. This feature might be titled “Manage Subscription,” “Cancel Subscription,” or a similar name. To finish terminating your ExpressVPN account, choose this option.

5. Indicate Why You’re Canceling

ExpressVPN may request a cancellation reason after you have begun the cancellation procedure. If none of the pre-selected reasons apply to you, pick “Other” from the drop-down menu. This comment may be considered by ExpressVPN for service enhancements.

6. Confirmation of Cancellation

ExpressVPN will ask for confirmation of your cancellation once you’ve chosen a cancellation reason. Carefully peruse any offers or notifications that may apply to you. You may confirm your decision to discontinue your subscription by clicking the corresponding option.

7. If necessary, take the Next Steps

ExpressVPN’s canceling procedure may include extra steps in certain instances. This may require responding to a cancellation email with further information, further comments, or other directions. To guarantee a smooth cancellation, please adhere to any extra instructions provided by ExpressVPN.

8. Confirmation of Cancellation

Signing out of your ExpressVPN account and closing the browser will verify that your membership has been terminated. Upon canceling your ExpressVPN service, you will get a confirmation email. Please save this email as confirmation for future reference.

9. Look for Possible Billing Changes

If you think you may still be being charged after canceling your ExpressVPN membership, check your billing statements. Get in touch with ExpressVPN’s support team if you encounter any payment difficulties or unexpected costs.

Final Words

In summary, your ExpressVPN membership may be terminated by following these methods. You may cancel your ExpressVPN membership at any time by logging into your account and going to the Subscriptions or Account Settings page. To confirm your cancellation, check your email for a message from ExpressVPN.

Check your statements often to be sure you are not getting charged for anything you should not. Following these instructions, you’ll be able to take full control of your ExpressVPN account and make any adjustments to your VPN service that you see fit.

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