How to Burn Movie Maker to DVD [2023]

How to burn movie maker to DVD? If you’ve made a movie using Windows Movie Maker and would want to burn it onto a DVD, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to burn a DVD from your Movie Maker project.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to burn a DVD of your movie that will play on any DVD player. Let’s get in and make your Movie Maker movie a reality.

how to burn movie maker to dvd

How to Burn Movie Maker to DVD: Step by Step Guide

Burning your Windows Movie Maker creation on DVD is the best option if you want to save your hard work in one place for future viewing and distribution. Here, we’ll show you how to burn a DVD from your Movie Maker project in a straightforward manner. You may burn a DVD copy of your movie using these guidelines, and it will work on any regular DVD player. Let’s get rolling on making a DVD of your film.

1. Save your Movie Maker project

Launch Windows Movie Maker and load the video you want to convert to DVD. When you’re ready to share your finished movie, click “File” and choose “Save movie” or “Save project as.” Pick a folder on your hard drive that will work to store the video.

2. Obtain a DVD authoring program

You’ll need DVD burning software to convert your video file to DVD format. You may choose from a number of different programs, including ImgBurn, Nero Burning ROM, and Ashampoo Burning Studio. Pick a trustworthy DVD burning program and get it from the web site. Get the program onto your machine.

3. Start the DVD Authoring Program

Launch the DVD burning software after it has been installed. Learn your way around the program’s user interface and its many functions.

how to burn movie maker to dvd

4. Start a brand-new DVD project

Find the option to “create a new DVD project” or “start a new project” inside the DVD burning program. This selection is often application-specific. Just hit the button to start making your DVD.

5. Include the Film in the DVD Production

There has to be a way to import movies and/or add files inside the DVD project interface. Find this option and pick the movie file you exported from Movie Maker in Step 1. The DVD project should include the movie file.

6. Modify the DVD Menu

It is possible to alter the DVD menu in several burning applications. Explore the menu modification options if you want to give an own spin. Easily organize your content by adding chapters and menus, as well as setting a custom background picture and style. Change the DVD’s options to suit your tastes.

7. Put in an Empty DVD

Get a blank DVD ready to go before you start the burning procedure. Put the blank disc into the DVD drive on your computer.

8. Burning Settings

Seek the choices or settings that pertain to burning inside the DVD burning program. Burning speed and target disc format may be modified as required. Verify that the options you’ve selected will work with the blank DVD you’ve inserted.

9. Begin the DVD Burning Process

Verify everything is configured properly by doing a thorough double-check of all settings. When you’re ready, launch the DVD burner program and click the “Burn” or “Start” button. When you click it, the fire will begin to burn.

10. Give the fire time to burn out

Your Movie Maker project will be converted and burned to the blank DVD by the DVD burning program. Depending on the size and intricacy of your video, the burning process might take several minutes.

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive guide will let you burn your Movie Maker project to DVD with ease. You need to export your movie from Movie Maker, then install DVD burning software, create a new DVD project, add your movie file, edit the DVD menu (if you want to), insert a blank DVD, configure the burning options, and begin burning.

After burning a DVD, you should check it to make sure it plays properly. You may now play your finished Movie Maker project on any regular DVD player and share it with friends and family.

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