How to Add Grammarly to Outlook [2023]

How to add Grammarly to Outlook? If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can improve your email writing skills by incorporating Grammarly. Follow along with this guide as it demonstrates how to set up Grammarly in Outlook.

If you follow the instructions attentively, you’ll soon be able to write professional-looking emails without worrying about typos, grammatical errors, or missing punctuation. One easy method to boost your writing productivity and quality is to include Grammarly into your Outlook workflow.

how to add grammarly to outlook

How to Add Grammarly to Outlook: Step by Step Guide

Grammarly is a widely used writing helper that focuses on correcting grammatical, punctuational, and spelling mistakes. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you may improve your email writing experience by integrating Grammarly with it. Here, we’ll show you how to integrate Grammarly into Outlook so that you can write polished, error-free emails with ease.

1. Download and install the Grammarly Office Add-in

To get started with Grammarly, fire up a web browser and go on over to their site. You may discover the Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Office under the “Apps” or “Products” area. To begin downloading the plug-in, choose the download button.

2. Launch the Setup Program

When the download is finished, you can start the installation process by double-clicking the installation file you saved to your computer. The installation may be finished by following the on-screen instructions. This will install the Grammarly add-in for Outlook and the rest of Microsoft Office.

3. Launch Microsoft Outlook

Launch Microsoft Outlook after the installation is complete. Outlook should now support the Grammarly plug-in.

4. Activate the Grammarly plug-in

To access the “File” menu in Outlook, choose it from the menu bar at the top left of the window. The Outlook Settings window will pop up. Pick “Add-Ins” from the list of options on the left side of the menu.

how to add grammarly to outlook

5. Control plug-ins

A list of all presently installed add-ins may be seen under the Add-Ins tab. Check the box labeled “Grammarly” to make sure it is selected. Make sure the box next to Grammarly is ticked if it isn’t already.

6. Configure Grammarly to Your Needs

You may adjust Grammarly’s settings to your liking once you’ve activated the plug-in. To use Outlook’s grammar checker, choose the “Grammarly” option from the menu. The Grammarly preferences window will pop up.

7. Enter Your Grammarly Login Information

Select the “Log in” option in the Grammarly preferences page. To access your Grammarly account, please enter your username and password. The “Sign up” option will allow you to establish a Grammarly account if you don’t already have one.

8. Beginning Error-Free Email Writing

After you’ve integrated Grammarly into Outlook, you can start using its recommendations while you write emails. Any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling that Grammarly finds as you write will be highlighted, and correction recommendations will be shown as you type. Take a look at the feedback and make the required changes to send an email that is free of mistakes.

9. Make the Most of Grammarly’s Extra Functions

Grammarly also includes services like vocab enrichment, style recommendations, and text clarity upgrades. You may access these tools by selecting the Grammarly button in Outlook’s toolbar. Improve the quality and impact of your email messages by following Grammarly’s advice and suggestions.


The end result of following these instructions to the letter is the incorporation of Grammarly into Microsoft Outlook. You can now write polished, error-free emails with the help of Grammarly.

Improve the readability, presentation, and precision of your email correspondence by making use of Grammarly’s sophisticated writing recommendations and other capabilities.

Thanks to Grammarly’s seamless connection with Outlook, you can rest certain that your emails will always be well-written and error-free.

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